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Friday, October 14, 2016

October Talking Points

This week we:
* had the Bug Ball. -CD
* created spider webs in Art. -NG
* took our spelling test. -KN
* made insect headbands. -CK
* had a yummy insect snack (Thank you Parents!!!). -MG
* shared facts with a partner at the Insect Ball. -KC
* read "The Bug Ball". -SO
* learned about insects. -ES
* had Library. -AL
* played cricket in P.E. -AM
* made cards for Mrs. Veilleux's birthday. -LM
* played Top-It in Math. -SZ
* practiced short e spelling words. -CD
* had fun! -KC
* had Music. -KN
* danced at the Bug Ball. -MG

This week we:
* took our spelling test with Mrs. Putney. -MG
* had book buddies. -JB
* signed Cam's cast. -CK
* practiced words with short o. -KN
* worked on our graphic organizers with information about our insects. -AM

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