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Friday, September 16, 2016

Talking Points

This week we:
* Learned about insects. They have 6 legs. -KN
* Had a math test. -MG
* Had picture day. -AL
* Worked on our collages in Art. -NG
* Had our 1st Spelling Test. -AM
* Played at recess. -JB
* Colored in insects. -LM
* Had flashlight reading. -CK & SZ
* Mosquitos grow in the water. -CD
* Learned about insects. They are the most diverse animal. -ES
* Insects have 3 body parts. -RB
* Had show-and-tell. -KC
* Went to the corn maze. -SL
* Wrote about insects. -GD

This week we:
* Read about walking sticks on the computer (Listen to reading). -JB
* Met our book buddies. -KN
* Got a new birthday book. (Thank you Addison!) -CK
* Got our Reading Books. -ES
* Had Library. -NG
* Got up to 10 minutes of reading stamina. -SL
* Had Music. -AL
* Played Shake and Spill (combinations to 10). -SO
* Made collages in Art. -SZ
* Had Stations in P.E. -MG
* Got to 2 minutes on writing stamina. -AM

This week we:
* Played Top-It in Math. -Mrs. York
* Practiced Tally Marks on our Smart Pals. -AL
* Wrote in our journals. -KC
* Did Reading To Self got to 8 minutes of Stamina. -SO
* Practiced equations in math. -GD
* Worked on computers with Mrs. Putney. -NG

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